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Tango at Skeppis

Tango! Exotic, sensual, intimate. If you like Bodapolska then you won't be able to resist Tango. Come and try! This year we have the following:

We have been at Skeppis since the mid 80s with Margareta Johansson as our first teacher. We have had courses in Swedish tango for many years, and have later added courses in Finnish tango. The one day courses are not costly and can just as well be seen as a chance to go out and enjoy dancing with like-minded tango enthusiasts.

Tango training

The first Sunday in each month is the time for our "tangostuga".
Entrance is free, as usual on a Sunday, and we have very good musicians who will play for you.
This is your opportunity to practise what you have learnt in the various courses and to dance tango to good live music.
There is no offical instruction but we can explain different moves which we have earlier taught. However it is probably best for those who have already had some training.

If you have not danced much tango before you are still welcome to contact someone from the tango group who will show you the basic steps so that you can at least take part in some of the dancing.

Tango instruction

Instruction in Finnish/European tango in the ordinary Skeppis dance instruction hour kl. 18 - 19

Information Björn Håkansson ring/SMSa telefon 0708-53 12 55.
Latest update October 30th 2017
Arne Kjellman

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Sundays "Buskspel" in Vitabergsparken Cancelled!

Sunday September 1. we open for the autumn

Friday September 20. Concert and dance with When We Do Bingsjö

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