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By becoming a member you will be supporting our society, find out how the society is run, receive a regular newsletter and get a discount on our courses and the Friday dances. At the time of writing we have over 300 members.


QR-code for membership fee via SwishThe yearly membership fee is 250 Swedish kronor.

You can join either by paying into plusgiro 62 05 24-9 or using Swish to no. 123 307 37 49.
Please scan the QR-code here to Swish.

Important: Please make sure you pay from your own personal bank account or from your own telephone number (if you Swish). That way we will get the information required to register your membership.

From abroad: Please pay to our IBAN SE13 9500 0099 6042 0620 5249 with Nordea Bank AB, SE-105 71 Stockholm, BIC-address NDEASESS or to PayPal.me/folkskeppis (@folkskeppis). Please contact the Member Register to become a member.

> Check out this movie about Skeppis!

How to help us

Apart from musicians at the Friday dances and occasional course which we hold, everyone who helps out does so as an unpaid volunteer. A lot of voluntary work is done by the steering committee and in various working groups, but our main need is for people to work in the café as this is the main way we finance Skeppis (together with membership fees).

We are centrally situated in Stockholm, on Skeppsholmen where we have been for many years, but a central location means a high rent.

If you want to support our unique work financially please donate to our Plusgiro: 27 72 67-1 and mark it with the word "bidrag".

Contact the Member Register
Latest update: November 25th 2021
Arne Kjellman

For more information, or if you have any questions, please ring or send an sms to: 0769-12 90 11.
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The telephone is manned:
Mon - Fri 15 - 20,
Sat & Sun 12 - 18.

but a message can be left at any time

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