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Note! Skeppis is closed because of the Coronavirus outbreak.!


The short (one-hour) courses are usually free and do not require registration, whilst the half- and whole-day courses have a fee and require you to register in advance.


The short courses are held pretty much every Sunday (check the calendar on the home page):

  • kl 18:00 Låtstuga - learn to play a tune, Gammaldans (or Tango) - learn to dance.
  • kl 19:00 Polskeakut - Polska dancing for absolute beginners, Polska instruction (dance) and  visstuga (singing).
  • There are sometimes theme evenings where the same polska is taught to the players at the 18.00 Låtstuga and to the dancers at 19.00. The people from the Låtstuga will then play to dance at 20.00 for half an hour.

If you are a complete beginner then it is best to start off with schottis or vals (see calendar for which dances are taught on which days). If you enjoy this then you can go on to the Polskeakut at 19.00. Depending on how quickly you learn you can later go on to learn the other "gammaldanser" and ""polskor"".

Teaching of tunes is done by ear and NOT by using notes, and it is assumed that you are already confident with your chosen instrument.

This is usually held at Sheppis on the first Sunday of each month and starts at 19.00 in the Visstuga where we learn the words and then at 20.00 we dance whilst singing the choruses.

Tidiga timmen (Early hour)

Sunday evenings often begin at 16.30 or 16.45. Every month there is a chance to practise dancing Tango and also a "Barndanshus" for children's dances. Sometimes there are other activities - check the calendar on the home page for details.

(Balfolk-Dance, second Sunday in the month, Balfolk-Ceilidh last Sunday in the month). This is held at Sheppis on the second and also the last Sunday of each month in the "Tidiga timmen" and we teach simple dances, principally from France, such as bourrée, schottis variations, jigs, reels, hornpipes, mazurka etc.

BALFOLK music hour 18-19
This is held on the last Sunday of the month directly after Balfolk-Ceilidh and is to give you a chance to learn to play some typical tunes from the Balfolk repertoire mainly from France.


Tango instruction - 18.00-19.00 first Sunday in every month.
Tango training - last Sunday in every month in the "Tidiga timmen". No official instruction, but it will give you a chance to practise what you have learnt to live musicians.

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Note! Skeppis is closed because of the Coronavirus outbreak.!

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