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Note! Skeppis is closed because of the Coronavirus outbreak.!

The café

The café is one of Folkmusikhuset's most important meeting points where you can not only enjoy sandwiches, cakes, tea and coffee but also listen to, or indeed play together informally with, the musicians who happen to drop by.


The café is run by eight groups of volunteers who take it in turns to bake, buy and serve and wash up (we have a dishwasher!) on Sunday evenings. We also have a ninth group who run the café when we have a Friday dance.

Most of the groups consist of 10-12 members, but they are always looking for more. Ask someone in the kitchen if you want to help out - it's fun and a great way to get to know people, language is no barrier here.

Each group decides itself what it will offer so different Sundays will have different flavours (Some groups do soup, some do pies for example) but there will always be coffee, tea, juice, sandwiches and cakes available.

As the groups are unpaid volunteers our prices are very reasonable and the profits are important for allowing us to pay our rent. The café is open from 6 pm to around 10pm and is, like the rest of the building, a no-smoking zone.

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Latest update March 19th 2015
Arne Kjellman
Note! Skeppis is closed because of the Coronavirus outbreak.!

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